Shenandoah Framing, Inc. is a full-line distributor for Presto Frame and Moulding and Nielsen Metals.  All other lines in our inventory are partial, individually selected for, and at times by, our customers.

By clicking “Catalog: . . . ” you will be directed away from and to the site selected.  For most suppliers, we do not carry every item shown.  To find out if we stock a particular moulding, go to “Search All Mouldings” and enter that number.  For Presto add a “P” prefix; for Omega add an “M” prefix and for International Moulding add a “W” prefix to their item number.   If we do not stock an item, we can, in most cases, have the item drop-shipped to you.  For an additional cross reference, see the “Item Number Cross Reference” under the “Catalog” tab.

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